Tennis Core, Vests, and More: Trends You’ll Be Seeing All Summer

Tennis Core, Vests, and More: Trends You'll Be Seeing All Summer

The Rise of Tennis Core, The summer is the ideal time of year to wear the newest trends in fashion, and this year, tennis-inspired designs, stylish vests, and other modern styles are popular. These trends combine comfort, style, and functionality, making them ideal for both hitting the courts and updating your summer outfit. We’ll go over the essential components of the tennis core trend, the comeback of vests, and other noteworthy summertime fashion trends in this post.

The Rise of Tennis Core

What is Tennis Core?

Tennis core is a style movement that draws inspiration from vintage tennis gear. Clean lines, preppy aesthetics, and a colour scheme that leans heavily towards white define this style. It pays homage to the classic tennis player uniforms while adding a contemporary element that makes it appropriate for daily wear.

Key Elements of Tennis Core

Skorts and pleated skirts are crucial components of the tennis core style. Skirts and skirts with pleats provide a flirtatious yet elegant look that works well both on and off the court.

Dresses and Polo Shirts: Tennis primary fashion revolves around polo shirts. Seek out variants with striking collars, subdued patterns, or distinctive textures. Polo dresses are a great summertime alternative since they blend the traditional polo shirt with a relaxed dress style.

Cardigans and Sweater Vests: Preppy touches are added to any ensemble by wearing lightweight cardigans and sweater vests. For air-conditioned spaces or chilly evenings, these layers are perfect.

Tennis Shoes: Having a pair of classic white tennis shoes is essential. The essential elements of tennis are complemented by fashionable and cosy options from companies like New Balance, Adidas, and Nike.

Headbands and visors: These accessories not only finish the outfit but also serve a functional purpose by shielding your eyes from the sun and preventing perspiration from hitting your face.

Tennis Core Style Advice
Mix and Match: Don’t be scared to pair traditional tennis elements with contemporary styles. A polo dress can be dressed up with bold jewellery, or a pleated skirt can be worn casually with a graphic tee.
Accept Monochrome: To maintain the tennis core look, adhere to a monochromatic colour scheme. The ideal colours are pastels, whites, and soft tints.
Layer Caution: To give depth to your ensemble without sacrificing comfort, wear light layers. An ideal example would be wearing a jumper over a polo shirt.
The Return of vests

Styles of Vests That Are Popular for Summertime Sweater Vests: With lighter materials and more vibrant hues, sweater vests have made a stylish transition from winter to summer. They’re ideal for giving your ensemble a preppy layer.

Utility vests: With several pockets and a tough construction, these vests are both fashionable and practical. They give your outfit a dash of adventure and are fantastic for outdoor activities.

Vests with tailoring: A more polished and business like impression is provided by tailored vests. Wear them with a skirt or pants for a stylish workplace ensemble.

Tennis Core, Vests, and More: Trends You'll Be Seeing All Summer

How to Style Vests

Layering Over Dresses: For a chic, layered look, wear a vest over a summer dress. This looks very good on dresses with patterns or flowers.
Easygoing Chic: An easily put together outfit may be achieved by teaming a jumper with high-waisted trousers and a basic tee.
Prepared for the Office: For a refined workplace look, pair a fitted vest with a pristine white shirt and tailored jeans.
Additional Summertime Style Trends

Vibrant Designs and Patterns
Summer is the time to wear bright patterns and prints. Bold prints are making a statement, ranging from geometric patterns to tropical flower patterns.

Maxi Dresses: Search for maxi dresses with striking patterns. They are ideal for carefree summer gatherings or trips to the beach.
Patterned Shorts: To maintain the focus on the print and balance the ensemble, pair patterned shorts with a plain top.

Eco-Friendly Style
The trend of sustainability in fashion is still very much alive and well. This summer, seek out companies that put an emphasis on ethical production methods and environmentally friendly materials.

Organic Cotton and Linen: These materials are ideal for hot summer days because they are very breathable and sustainable.
Secondhand Shopping: You can locate interesting finds and lessen your environmental impact by thrifting and purchasing used clothing.

Athleisure, which combines comfort and style, is still a popular trend. Look out for more athletic-inspired clothing this summer that works well for both casual events and the gym.

An essential piece of athleisure clothing are bike shorts. For a trendy yet sporty style, pair them with tank tops or large t-shirts.
Tracksuits: For early morning jogs or cooler summer evenings, lightweight tracksuits are ideal.
Transparent Materials
For summertime ensembles that are breezy and light, sheer materials are perfect. They can be fashioned in a variety of ways and lend an air of sophistication.

Sheer Blouses: For a stylish and current style, pair them with camisoles or bralettes.
Sheer dresses are a great option for daytime or evening wear since they can be layered over slips or bikinis.
Retro Resurrection
The ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s revival of retro fashion is still going strong, influencing contemporary trends.

Everything Should Be High-Waisted: High-waisted dresses, skirts, and slacks are attractive and functional.
historical Tees: Infuse your summertime ensemble with a nostalgic vibe by wearing graphic tees featuring historical band names or logos.

Tennis Core, Vests, and More: Trends You'll Be Seeing All Summer


The key to this summer’s fashion trends is mixing traditional looks with contemporary touches. The season’s must-have clean, preppy style is provided by tennis core, and the comeback of vests expands the wearer’s clothing options. There is definitely something for everyone thanks to the emergence of bold designs, eco-friendly clothing, athleisure, sheer materials, and nostalgic looks. Take advantage of these trends to maintain your summertime style and comfort.

By adding these pieces to your closet, you’ll benefit from summer-ready fashion’s usefulness in addition to staying in style. These styles will keep you feeling amazing and looking stylish, whether you’re having a laid-back day at the office, on the tennis court, or somewhere else.

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