Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Weapon Balance Changes Leaked – What You Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Weapon Balance Changes Leaked - What You Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Weapon Balance, The community of Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) is a hive of anticipation as it gets ready for the highly anticipated release of Season 5. The rumoured adjustments to weapon balance are one of the hottest subjects. If accurate, these leaks might drastically change the meta and have an effect on gameplay. This is a thorough examination of the possible implications for players of these developments.

Overview of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 5

Players have always had access to new content on COD Mobile, and Season 5 is no different. There are plenty of new game modes, operators, and maps to look forward to. Nonetheless, it appears that the weapon balance adjustments are the main focus of this release. These changes are essential because they guarantee that the game stays competitive and fair, giving every participant an equal opportunity to succeed.

Leaked Weapon Balance Changes

1. Assault Rifles (ARs) AK-47: A modest increase in damage range could make the well-known AK-47 more potent at longer ranges. This modification may make the AK-47 a more adaptable weapon for a range of fighting situations.
M4: A stability boost is anticipated, which will enhance recoil control. With this modification, both novice and expert gamers will find the M4 to be a more dependable option.
ASM10: There have been rumours of a slight damage nerf intended to counteract its current supremacy in mid-range battles.

2. SMGs, or submachine guns
MSMC: To counterbalance its tremendous damage output, this beloved SMG may receive a decrease in fire rate, which would make it less potent in close quarters combat.
PDW-57: According to leaks, it will perform better in fast-paced scenarios due to its increased mobility and minor accuracy gain.
QQ9: It’s anticipated that its range will be slightly reduced, keeping it useful mostly for close-quarters combat.

3. Sniper Rifles DL Q33: This modification attempts to balance its dominance across all ranges and may result in a small reduction in its one-shot kill range.
Arctic.50: May get a fire rate buff, giving it an advantage in scenarios requiring quick follow-up shots.

4. BY15 shotguns: It is anticipated that their spread will be narrowed, increasing their effectiveness at somewhat longer ranges without being overpowered.
KRM-262: This shotgun rewards accuracy and timing and may become a more attractive alternative in close quarters due to a rumoured increase in damage.

5. Lightweight machine guns
M4LMG: Players that favour steady fire and control may find this weapon more enticing if there is a possible decrease in recoil.
RPD: According to leaks, its damage will be slightly reduced in order to match its rapid rate of fire and large magazine size.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Weapon Balance Changes Leaked - What You Need to Know

Impact on Gameplay

The goal of these balancing adjustments is to upend the existing meta and entice players to try out new tactics and weaponry. Here are some possible effects of the leaked updates on different parts of gameplay:

Competitive Play

Weapon Diversity: As a result of the changes, competitive matches should feature a wider variety of weapons. As a result of these adjustments, players might need to adjust to new weapons that become more practical.
Strategic Shifts: If a team’s favourite weapon is nerfed, they may need to reconsider their approach. More dynamic and unpredictable matches could result from this.

Casual Play

Improved Experience: Casual gamers will gain from a more entertaining and well-balanced gaming environment. The modifications are intended to encourage fair play and lessen the annoyance that comes with powerful weaponry.
New Opportunities: The game is made more exciting and adventurous by the buffs and nerfs, which provide players the chance to experiment with various weaponry.

Developer Insights

Although leaks reveal possible changes, it’s important to take the developers’ point of view into account. A game like COD Mobile requires a lot of testing and player feedback to be properly balanced. Ensuring that no weapon dominates the battlefield will make the game fair and enjoyable for all players.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Weapon Balance Changes Leaked - What You Need to Know

Tips for Adapting to the Changes

Here are some pointers to help players adjust to the new weapon balance adjustments as they get ready for Season 5:

Try Different Weapons: Use the first few games of the season to test out the recently enhanced weaponry. This will enable you to identify new favourites and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Update your loadouts to take into account the latest balance adjustments. Keep an eye out for attachments that amplify the advantages or lessen the disadvantages of your selected weaponry.
Remain Up to Date: To keep informed about any upcoming changes or hotfixes, pay attention to official announcements and community debates.


The COD Mobile Season 5 weapon balancing leaks look to add an intriguing new dimension to the game. It’s unclear if these adjustments will be carried out in their entirety, but the neighbourhood is getting ready in case they are. Players can continue to take pleasure in a fair and competitive game experience by remaining knowledgeable and flexible.

When Season 5 releases, be prepared to jump right into the action and stay tuned for official updates. It’s going to be a different battlefield, and the most adaptive will survive.

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