Miss Universe Co-Owner’s Controversial Comments on Diversity: A Deep Dive

Miss Universe Co-Owner's Controversial Comments on Diversity: A Deep Dive

Introduction to Miss Universe’s Controversial:

Recently, controversy has surrounded the Miss Universe pageant, which is well-known throughout the world for honouring intelligence, beauty, and cultural variety. Outrage and discussion have been generated by a rediscovered film that shows a co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization. The co-owner appears to say in the video that contenders of colour “cannot win” the coveted championship. This article explores the specifics of the dispute, the public’s and the organization’s reactions, and the wider ramifications for diversity in beauty pageants.

The Controversial Video: What Was Said?

The video in question, which has gained rapid virality, features a co-owner of the Miss Universe Organisation making remarks that many have taken to be disparaging of the possibilities of contenders from varied backgrounds. The precise language used and the context in which the remarks were made are critical because they shed light on whether the remarks were misunderstood or a reflection of institutional prejudices.

Key Excerpts from the Video

Statement one: “In reality, the judges are looking for a certain kind of beauty, and it’s often not the diverse contestants.”
Statement two: “Historically, the winners have a specific look that doesn’t necessarily include diverse backgrounds.”
It has been believed that these remarks undermine the recent advancements achieved in the direction of increased diversity in beauty pageants.

Public and Media Reaction

The unearthed footage has sparked an immediate and passionate response. Fans of pageants, past competitors, and campaigners have deluged social media channels with comments expressing their shock and demanding responsibility. The public’s desire for a more inclusive interpretation of beauty standards is reflected in the trending hashtags #MissUniverseDiversity and #BeautyForAll.

Notable Reactions

Past candidates: A number of past Miss Universe candidates have expressed their dissatisfaction, particularly those from varied backgrounds. They stress how insulting comments detract from their efforts and how much effort and commitment it takes to succeed at this level.
Public Figures: Influencers and celebrities have also weighed in on the discussion, with many advocating for a more robust commitment to diversity and a reexamination of the judging standards.
The Miss Universe Association: The Miss Universe Organisation issued a statement reiterating their commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in response to the criticism. An internal investigation into the incident and measures to guarantee that such opinions do not represent the organization’s principles were promised.

The Importance of Diversity in Beauty Pageants

The way society views beauty is greatly influenced by pageants such as Miss Universe. These contests have historically come under fire for encouraging limited, frequently Eurocentric notions of beauty. Nonetheless, a deliberate effort has been made in recent years to accept and promote variety.

Miss Universe Co-Owner's Controversial Comments on Diversity: A Deep Dive

Progress Made So Far

Winners from Diverse Backgrounds: More winners from a wider range of beauties have emerged in recent years, representing a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
Initiatives for Inclusivity: The Miss Universe Organisation has introduced new categories and criteria that celebrate diverse forms of beauty as part of its numerous endeavours to promote diversity.
The Effects of the Divisive Statements
The rediscovered footage poses a threat to partially reverse the gains. It draws attention to the ongoing difficulties in attaining true inclusivity and the necessity of ongoing watchfulness and proactive steps to guarantee that diversity is actually recognised and represented.

Steps Towards Greater Inclusivity

To tackle the debate, a multimodal strategy is needed. The following actions can be implemented to guarantee that Miss Universe and beauty pageants in general progress towards increased inclusivity:

1. Transparent Judging Criteria

Encouraging greater transparency in the judging standards can help guarantee that each competitor is assessed equally. Implicit prejudices can be neutralised by clear norms that reward various forms of beauty.

2. Diverse Judging Panels

Increasing the diversity of the judging panels themselves can introduce a greater variety of viewpoints into the assessment procedure. Diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of judges can aid in identifying and appreciating various forms of beauty.

3. Ongoing Training and Sensitivity Programs

Raising awareness of the value of variety and the effects of prejudices can be accomplished by implementing frequent training and sensitivity programmes for judges, staff, and other stakeholders. This could foster a more welcoming atmosphere for each competitor.

4. Public Accountability and Dialogue

Rebuilding trust can be aided by open communication and audience accountability. It is recommended that the organisation engage in active listening to input from the general public and past contenders, and take concrete steps to address these concerns.

5. Celebrating Diverse Winners

Showcasing and applauding the accomplishments of previous winners who came from a variety of backgrounds will encourage applicants in the future and demonstrate a sincere commitment to inclusion.

Miss Universe Co-Owner's Controversial Comments on Diversity: A Deep Dive


There is an urgent need to have a discourse about inclusivity in beauty pageants after a video of a Miss Universe co-owner making contentious remarks about diversity surfaced. Despite the progress the Miss Universe Organization has made in fostering diversity, this episode highlights the enduring difficulties and the requirement for continued efforts to establish a truly inclusive atmosphere. The organisation can use this controversy as a chance to make constructive changes by moving forward with real measures like more openness, diversity in the judging panel, continuing training, public responsibility, and rewarding varied victors.

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