Spain vs. Italy Live Updates: Euro 2024 Lineups, Team News, Score, and Highlights

Spain vs. Italy Live Updates: Euro 2024 Lineups, Team News, Score, and Highlights

Introduction to the Spain Vs. Italy:

Spain and Italy, One of the most eagerly anticipated games of Euro 2024 is the matchup between Spain and Italy. Both teams have a strong football tradition and a competitive past, so they should provide an exciting matchup. Live updates will be available in this post, along with the most recent team news, verified line ups, the score in real time, and significant match highlights. Watch this space for a detailed breakdown of this fascinating matchup.

Pre-Match Build-Up

Historical Context

In international football, Spain and Italy have a long-standing rivalry. Spain and Italy have both seen great success; Spain has won the UEFA European Championship three times (1964, 2008, and 2012), while Italy has won two (1968, 2020). Since their matches are frequently marked by tactical struggles and flashes of genius, football fans around should not miss this match.

Team Form and Key Players

Spain: La Roja, who are renowned for their possession-based approach, field a mix of young players and established stars in this match. Three players to keep an eye on are talented attacker Ansu Fati, lively winger Ferran Torres, and midfield maestro Sergio Busquets. Spain has been playing well lately, as evidenced by their great showing in the qualifying and excellent start to the competition.

Italy: The Azzurri, who are known for their tactical savvy and defensive resiliency, will be led by the reliable Leonardo Bonucci, Marco Verratti, and the prolific Ciro Immobile. Italy is a difficult opponent because of their perfect record in the qualifying and their strong start to Euro 2024.

Live Updates


Spain’s starting lineup:

Keeper: Simón Unai
Defenders: Jordi Alba, Pau Torres, Aymeric Laporte, and César Azpilicueta
Sergio Busquets (captain), Pedri, Koke
Álvaro Morata, Dani Olmo, and Ferran Torres are the forwards.
Italy’s starting lineup:

Gianluigi Donnarumma, goalie
Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Leonardo Bonucci (captain), Giorgio Chiellini, and Emerson Palmieri were the defenders.
Nicolò Barella, Marco Verratti, and Jorginho are midfielders.
Federico Chiesa, Ciro Immobile, and Lorenzo Insigne are the forwards.
Kickoff to the First Half: Spain takes the ball first to start the game. Both sides are attempting to take command of the middle, with Spain hoping to set the pace with their short passing style.

Italy scores the game’s first legitimate chance in the tenth minute. as a quick counterattack, Immobile’s header is easily saved by Unai Simón as Chiesa breaks down the right wing and delivers a dangerous cross into the box.

20th Minute: Spain takes a chance of their own in response. Pedri breaks free outside the box and fires a hard shot, but Donnarumma stops it, saving a vital shot.

Thirty Minutes: The game is still quite close. Both sides are playing really well organiseddefence, which makes it difficult for the opposition to identify open possibilities.

40th minute: SCOOP! Spain assumes the initiative. Koke sends a lovely through pass to Morata, who coolly puts it past Donnarumma. Spain defeats Italy 1-0.

Halftime: Spain leads 1-0 at the end of the first half. Although Spain has been a little more effective in possession, Italy is still a dangerous counterattacking squad.

45th minute of the second half: Italy appears more aggressive as the second half gets underway. In an attempt to break Spain’s rhythm, they are applying pressure higher up the pitch.

Italy almost ties the score in the 55th minute. Bonucci receives a corner kick, but Jordi Alba clears his header off the line. The pressure is mounting for the Azzurri.

65th Minute: Spain is substituted in. Ansu Fati replaces Dani Olmo, giving the Spanish attack new life.

Goal at the 70th minute! Italy ties the score. Chiesa puts in a fantastic solo effort, dribbling past two defenders before firing a hard shot into the bottom corner. Italy 1, Spain 1.

Italy is substituted in the 75th minute. Verratti is replaced by Manuel Locatelli, who infuses the midfield with additional vitality.

85th Minute: Every team is trying to win. Pedri of Spain and Barella of Italy are mastering the midfield, opening up opportunities for their teams.

Goal in the ninetieth minute! Spain gets the game-winning goal. Ansu Fati takes advantage of a defensive blunder to launch a shot into the net. Italy 2-1 Spain.

Full-Time: Spain wins 2-1 to seal the victory in this match. Although the fight was fiercely contested, Spain’s expert finishing proved to be the difference.

Spain vs. Italy Live Updates: Euro 2024 Lineups, Team News, Score, and Highlights

Post-Match Analysis

Key Moments

Morata’s First Half Goal: Delicate passing and astute movement led to Álvaro Morata’s goal in the first half. His controlled finish demonstrated his superiority as a striker.
Chiesa’s Equaliser: Federico Chiesa wanted to score a solo highlight reel. His finishing and dribbling demonstrated his ability and value to the Italian assault.
Fati’s Victory: Ansu Fati’s late goal proved to be pivotal. His ability to seize opportunities and act quickly demonstrated his potential to be one of Spain’s future stars.

Tactical Insights

Spain: The team led by Luis Enrique adhered to their possession-based football philosophy. Busquets, Pedri, and Koke, the trio in midfield, dominated play while the wide players exposed gaps in Italy’s defence. Spain made some significant adjustments as well; Fati’s entry proved to be pivotal.

Italy: Roberto Mancini’s squad displayed their ability to counterattack and play strong defence. Chiesa and Insigne were a constant threat on the wings, and Bonucci and Chiellini’s experience at the back offered security. Italy gave a great showing and is still a serious contender in the tournament, even after losing.

Spain vs. Italy Live Updates: Euro 2024 Lineups, Team News, Score, and Highlights


The Spain vs. Italy Euro 2024 encounter was a fantastic football spectacle that lived up to the hype. Spain fought for their victory, and their superiority in front of goal ended up being the deciding factor. Italy proved why they are a formidable opponent in spite of the defeat. Fans may anticipate more exciting matches and treasured moments as both sides advance in the tournament.

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